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Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Birchbox Unboxing!!

Helloooo gooorgggiesss!!

It is one of my favorite times of the month!! Unboxing time that is.  I love that little Christmas every month feeling when I get a beauty subscription package in the mail. :)  My Birchbox (like always) came first, and I really wasn't trying to wait on my Ipsy glam bag since it took about a week for it to come last month, after I had already had my Birchbox.  I didn't want to patiently wait like I did last month, so I was like what the heck, I will just do two different post/videos for them this month!  I also may continue doing them separately.. Or switching it up and do them together.  I guess I am going to base it off of how I feel that month.  But lets get right into it! 

This months Birchbox was called Heritage. It is basically saying that there is a history, and a past about every brand that they work with, and they all started somewhere!  I thought that was a neat concept.  It also happens to be Birchbox's three year anniversary month!  Happy Three Years Birchbox!  In honor of celebrating, they also sent out a coupon code that takes 30% off anything in the Customer Favorites Shop.  So that's nice of them to give back in some type of way.

 This is what the Birchbox consisted of when once I opened it. 
I was super excited to see what all these goodies were. 

 Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream
Full Size, $15
Anti-aging hand cream that nourishes and fades fine lines
with antioxidant grapeseed oil.
(This was a deluxe sample size, and There was a pretty
good amount of product.  I loved that I got this product since 
I love doing my nails, and I can use this as a little treat, 
not to mention, it smelled amazing!)

 Ruffian Nail Lacquer
Full size, $10
Metallic green from the fashion label's first lacquer collection.
(I absolutely love nail polish, it's one of my addictions. 
I was happy to see I got one in my box this month! I will 
definitely be using this polish next!)

The half-up, $9
Hair tool that helps create the perfect half-up style, small
top knot or low bun. 
(I know that sock buns are a big trend, and I thought this
would be a cool hair contraption to try out and see if its worth it! 
If you look at it this way,
the original price is $9, so with this one product you are basically
paying for your whole Birchbox and the rest of the samples are 
pretty much free!!)

 I had left to open up this Birchbox mini box.
A surprise within another surprise! 
Who seriously doesn't love that!

Bon Genre
Full size, $55-$75
Just launched this mix of lychee and mysterious jamine noir.
(I am super happy that this sample came in pump form, 
makes things soo much easier! It smells nice too, it has a warm
scent, something I would wear on a night out!)

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow
Full size, $34-$39
Four complementary shades that can easily take you from day to night.

 When Birchbox says it's "The Perfect Smokey Eye"
It literally is! With these colors there are soo many ways to recreate 
a look, and there is an even amount of matte shades and shimmer shades.
The white and one of the light gray are mattes. (As you can 
probably see in the picture) Than the other gray and black are
shimmer shades. Which makes this little quad perfff! 
I will definitely be using these shadows!

To sum up my unboxing, I was really happy with everything that I got.  I could totally see my self using all the things I got in the box!  I am super pleased and can't wait to show you guys what I got in my Ipsy glam bag, and be able to compare the two!! (The Ipsy video is uploading, as we speak!) :) And you may be surprised at which bag I preferred at the end of the unboxing!

Well ladies if you are interested in the Birchbox Unboxing video, I will be more than happy to link that below so you can check it out! Have an amazing day!!

Later gorrgggiesss!! 

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