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Monday, August 26, 2013

Maintaining hair after going to the GYM! NO WASH necessary!!

Helloooo Gorrgggiesss!

We all want to be able to look our best in all ways possible, am I right?  It's just nature for us as women to do so.  The older we get, we also start to notice little things like our weight shifting, looser skin, and we may not have the body frame we wish we had 5-10 years ago.  I know we all have made some type of commitment to stay healthy and get fit at least once or twice in our lifetime.  Could one of the reasons we stick with it for a few weeks and call it quits because we just get sick and tired of washing our hair every day!!?  

If that sounds comical, you seriously wouldn't believe how much of a burden washing our hair everyday really is to us women who have been there and done that.  And not to mention, it's super damaging for our hair, as it strips all of the natural oil from it and dries it out.  I am just here to explain to you that you really don't have to avoid the gym just to save your hair.  There are certainly other ways to get through this.  Lets do it together!

I love staying fit, and being able to keep my body in great shape.  With that choice comes the horrific dirty gym hair.  The fact that there is NO wash necessary is amazing for several reasons, but for me it helps save time.  Being a mother is a full time job.  There are no days off and trying to squeeze simple things like fitness, and make up can be a challenge.  But with dedication and time management it all gets much easier!  I may have time to get my make up on, but do I have time to blow dry and style my hair right out of the shower?  I know you other mothers out there know this answer! :)  It's almost a kinda of pick one or the other decision!  I just go through the steps, different products and hair tools I use in my latest video on YouTube!  Dry shampoo will indeed be your best friend in this situation and will have your hair up in running in no time! 
Grab something to snack on and enjoy the tutorial! :)

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