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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall inspired eye look tutorial!!

Helloo gorrgggiess!!
I have a Fall inspired eye make up look for you!!!  It's a tutorial, they are super easy steps to follow.  Anyone can recreate this look with similar colors if you don't have the exact ones!  That's the fun thing about make up though, it doesn't have to be exactly the same products to reach the same if not similar look! I love experimenting and this is why I love creating make up tutorials! :)

Here is just a quick look overview of the steps I did to create this eye look!!

Lets just get started!! I am really excited about this tutorial!  In this post, I pretty much go into full detail as I did in the video I posted on my YouTube channel!  So here is the step-by-step!! 

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

 Apply the eye primer on the lid and bottom lash line.

 NYX in Beauty Queen

With my Real Techniques shadow brush I am applying the NYX 
shadow on my lids.

Wet N Wild Palette in A Great Glistener

Using my ELF crease brush I am using the brown 
from the Wet N Wild palette and blending that into 
my crease and also bringing that above the crease as well.

Using my Eco Tools blending brush, with no eyeshadow
on the brush I am just blending out any harsh lines.

 BH Cosmetics 26 color neutral palette

 I am taking the maroon shimmery color from the BH Cosmetics
palette and just sweeping that onto my eyelid.

Taking the ELF crease brush and just blending the colors from the lid 
into my crease. 

NYX in Earthy Shimmer

 Taking my Eco Tools angle brush I am taking the NYX 
shadow and highlighting my brown bone.

 Also making sure I get the inner corners of my eyes as well.

 Going back to the Wet N Wild palette 

With the Real Techniques smudge brush I am 
smoking out the bottom lash line.

 Jordana Fabuliner

Lining my lids and creating a slight winged look.

Using NYC Lash curler

 Pixi Lash Booster Mascara,
I applied one coat on my top lashes.

 Maybelline Falsies Mascara
I applied this on my lower lashes.

 Jordana Best Volume Extreme,
I applied another coat of mascara on my top lashes.

 Milani Liquid Eye, Black Eyeliner

 Tight lining both the upper water line and lower water line.

 Applying false lashes

 NYX in Saturn

 Final make up look with this perfect color lippie for the Fall!!

 If you're not a big fan of darker color lip shades,
I have also incorporated a nude lip.

MAC Amplified in Half n Half

 Here is the Finished make up look with the nude lippie!!

There you have it!!  Love this make up look, and can definitely see myself using this look again for numerous occasions! I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions, just ask!!
Of course, I will also link the video to this tutorial below!  You have to go check it out!!  I am super pleased with the whole outcome of the video.  I believe it is seriously one of my best yet!! :)

Later gorrgggiess!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

OOTD: Transition into FALL!!

Helloo Gorrgggiess!! I have an outfit of the day I wanted to share here!  The outfit that I wore has a couple summer pieces in it.  Hints, why it is transition outfit. (duh) Haha.  It's not really that cold out yet, but I just can't wait for fall to get here!  Which by the way, it's officially just a DAY away! WOOO!  

I absolutely love the edgy vibe that this outfit gives off.  I just love that type of style too!  I know that leather jackets and combat boots are going to be a big staple to this season, so I wanted to be sure to incorporate those couple pieces into this outfit!

The hair, I just have in a messy bun and accessorized it with a leopard turban headband!  I actually have a hair tutorial on this hair look so I can link that on this blog for you, if you are interested in watching it and get some ideas! :)
There are also four other hair style that I did with the turban headband if you wanted to try something else! 

Jewelry, I am wearing a gold pyramid stud necklace, a wrap around bracelet with gold studs on that as well. And just studded heart and faux pearl earrings! 

My make up for this look, I wanted to go light on the eyes, and do more of a bolder lip.  I chose a MAC lipstick in Lustering.  I like the lipstick because it's buildable and love the hot pink color!  I took a picture of all the makeup products I used to achieve this look! 

Now for the outfit, the jacket is just a faux leather jacket, that has sweater material hoodie and sleeves! I got the jacket at Burlington Coat Factory.  If you don't know what that store is, it's just like a TJ MAX or ROSS!  Love those kind of stores.  I love bargain shopping and finding good deals!  I got this jacket for $19.99.  I love it! I can definitely see myself getting good wear out of this jacket this year!

My tank top is just a darker gray, loose fit tank.  I love that airiness that it has to the tank.  I wore a tank under the jacket since it is still a little warm out.  I didn't want to layer clothing and be too hot!  I can't remember where I got this tank top since I have had it for too long! 

My shorts, are Zana Di brand and they are just plain black shorts.  I believe I got these at Ross.  I can't remember the price. I am pretty sure they were less then $15! 
I paired the shorts with these light weight leggings/tights.  Whatever you want to call them! I love these leggings! super comfortable and I love the fact that it stops at my ankle and doesn't go over my whole foot!  I got these in japan and I want to say I paid $11-12 for them! 

As for my shoes, I got these combat boots at Forever 21! I bought them for $29.99 which is a pretty good price for them!  I will be getting my wear out of them so I am happy about that!  They zipper up on the side so you don't have to worry about lacing the boots over and over!  I also didn't tie them. I left the laces untied and just put a knot at the end of each lace so it doesn't loosen up on me.  But I like the look of them.  Just makes me feel like a little bad ass. HAHAHA.  

But yes! That was an over view of my whole outfit, and the prices to the majority of the things I wore!  If you want to see the video of my ootd I will gladly link that down below for you!!! 

Later gorrgggiesss!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY: Cut those old shirts into muscle tees!!

Hello goorggggiess!! 

I am back for a quick do it yourself!  It is a simple diy on how to vamp up those old t-shirts and turn them into muscle tees!  Make them a lot more wearable than those regular boring t-shirts and of course fashionable!  

Muscle tanks have become a huge trend.  I have also noticed a lot of stores are selling this type of shirts and racking those prices up for them!  Why not take a shirt that you love but just haven't worn in a while and create a cut off sleeve and turn it into something brand new! (again) 

I have turned a lot of my old shirts, into muscle tanks and have put some extra wear into them.  I especially wear these muscle tanks to the gym, which have become a favorite in my gym wardrobe.  I have yet to screw up a shirt (thankfully) and the way I cut off the sleeves have become easy and it requires little to no skill to do!!  Honestly, if I can do it, you definitely can!! 

Check out my YouTube video for the full DIY and easy instructions!! :)

Later gorrggiess!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Outfit of the day! Highwaisted shorts and sleeveless blouse!

Hellooo gorrggiess!!

Summer is coming to an end, and I am over here trying to get as much wear out of my shorts and tanks as possible.  Even though I am looking forward to the Fall season, I am going to miss wearing summer outfits!  This is an outfit that anyone can pull off, and if you have similar pieces in your wardrobe than this will be an easy outfit to recreate!

I am just wearing a sleeveless button up blouse.  I got this at Papaya.  I believe it was like $10-11!  Which is a steal! I love the little heart details all over the blouse!  This is also a piece I can see myself wearing in the Fall since it is tan with some fall colors in it. (purples, blues, mustard yellow!)  I would just layer it with a cardigan or jacket! 
The tank top underneath, I got from Forever21 and it was like $2.80 or something along those lines.  Super cheap!! But the quality of the tank is pretty good for the price!

These faded acid wash type highwaisted shorts, I got at Hollister.  I believe I paid about $25-30 for them.  I love how highwaisted shorts fit me from Hollister.  These were a must when I saw them!  

My sandals are not pictured. (I always forget to take a picture of my shoes.)  But they are some nude color sandals that I picked up at Forever21.  I have different colors of the same sandals, because I have an obsession and I just love them that much.  But the sandals are featured on my YouTube channel for this OOTD.

As for my hair and make up, this is what it looked like, I didn't go into much detail about these two since I was running low on battery time. 

I will link the video down below if you are interested!! 

Later gorrgggiesss!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ipsy Unboxing!! Favorite of the month, Birchbox OR Ipsy??

Hellllooo goorggiess!!
I got my Ipsy Glambag a few days ago, and was able to do an unboxing video and let me tell you I was surprised that my bag came a lot sooner than I thought it was going to come in.  I didn't get an email notification right away, so I thought I was never going to get my Ipsy package!  Luckily it did come in, and instead of it coming in a week after my Birchbox came in, it was only about 4-5 days apart this month!  Which wasn't bad at all! 

As you know I already did the unboxing for this month's Birchbox, and I have the post about that. (It's the post previous to this one, so go check it out if you haven't already!)  Quick little summary, for that unboxing, I was extremely content with that box.  I could see myself using all of the products and was just over all happy with everything that I recieved!  I thought this Birchbox would be an awesome box to compare to the Ipsy, since I loved everything.  Even though I did things separately this time, I still wanted to compare the two.   

 This month's Ipsy Glam Bag was called "Classic Beauty"

Michelle Phan sent a sample post card of her make up brand "em" 
The post card included all the shades from her "The Life Palette"

This is what the bag looks like this month! I love the blue that
they chose for the bag, and it has a lace-mesh detail of flowers 
on the bag.  Which I thought was super cute! 
Here is all the products that I received in the glam bag.

I got these John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.
These were deluxe size samples, which are nice to have.  
Especially to take on a vacation or when you're traveling.
I don't see myself using these for a while, since I am using a 
certain type of shampoo and conditioner for my
dyed hair.  But it will be good to have for the future!


 I got this "IT'S SO B!G" Volumizing Mascara By Elizabeth Mott.
Honestly, Ipsy sent me a Pixie mascara last month 
so I wasn't so thrilled to receive another mascara.  Second month
in a row at that.  But I will be trying it out to see how I like it!

 I got this "Starlooks" eyeliner in Obsidian and let me tell you,
this eyeliner glided onto my hand so well when I swatched it!
It was so creamy and I am really excited about this eyeliner!
You can never have too many black eyeliners! :)

 I got this "NYX" eyeshadow and this is in Earthy Shimmer.

 It's a really pretty off white color. It has a yellow undertone to it,
and it is shimmery. I would used this to highlight my browbone and 
the inner corner of my eyes.  I did a swatch of the eyeshadow
and it was pigmented, but it was also pretty powdery and had a pretty 
good amount of fall out to it.  Hopefully once I put an eyeshadow
primer on the fall out won't be as bad.  But I love the color!

 Here is all the makeup products that i got in my Ipsy and I felt like I 
barely had anything in my bag.  It went by so fast when I went throught it in my video.
Out all five of the things I got, I was excited about two of them.
I am sure you can guess which ones they were!
The eyeliner, and eyeshadow of course.
I didn't care much for the shampoo and conditioner only because
I am using a certain type for my hair at the moment and don't 
want to change it up.  And the mascara is pretty self explanatory.
I don't need two mascaras two months in a row. I could have 
used something else I haven't tried yet, and probably would have been 
excited that I got that instead.

To compare this month's Birchbox and Ipsy, I would definitely have to give it to Birchbox this month!  I loved everything in the box and had no complaints.  I am super surprised since I have always chose Ipsy as my monthly favorite since I have been subscribed.  But like all subscriptions, there are hit and misses.  Now I am just looking forward to next month's Christmas presents. Haha. 

If you are interested in watching my Ipsy Unboxing I will link that down below for you!! :)

Later gorrgggiess!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Birchbox Unboxing!!

Helloooo gooorgggiesss!!

It is one of my favorite times of the month!! Unboxing time that is.  I love that little Christmas every month feeling when I get a beauty subscription package in the mail. :)  My Birchbox (like always) came first, and I really wasn't trying to wait on my Ipsy glam bag since it took about a week for it to come last month, after I had already had my Birchbox.  I didn't want to patiently wait like I did last month, so I was like what the heck, I will just do two different post/videos for them this month!  I also may continue doing them separately.. Or switching it up and do them together.  I guess I am going to base it off of how I feel that month.  But lets get right into it! 

This months Birchbox was called Heritage. It is basically saying that there is a history, and a past about every brand that they work with, and they all started somewhere!  I thought that was a neat concept.  It also happens to be Birchbox's three year anniversary month!  Happy Three Years Birchbox!  In honor of celebrating, they also sent out a coupon code that takes 30% off anything in the Customer Favorites Shop.  So that's nice of them to give back in some type of way.

 This is what the Birchbox consisted of when once I opened it. 
I was super excited to see what all these goodies were. 

 Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream
Full Size, $15
Anti-aging hand cream that nourishes and fades fine lines
with antioxidant grapeseed oil.
(This was a deluxe sample size, and There was a pretty
good amount of product.  I loved that I got this product since 
I love doing my nails, and I can use this as a little treat, 
not to mention, it smelled amazing!)

 Ruffian Nail Lacquer
Full size, $10
Metallic green from the fashion label's first lacquer collection.
(I absolutely love nail polish, it's one of my addictions. 
I was happy to see I got one in my box this month! I will 
definitely be using this polish next!)

The half-up, $9
Hair tool that helps create the perfect half-up style, small
top knot or low bun. 
(I know that sock buns are a big trend, and I thought this
would be a cool hair contraption to try out and see if its worth it! 
If you look at it this way,
the original price is $9, so with this one product you are basically
paying for your whole Birchbox and the rest of the samples are 
pretty much free!!)

 I had left to open up this Birchbox mini box.
A surprise within another surprise! 
Who seriously doesn't love that!

Bon Genre
Full size, $55-$75
Just launched this mix of lychee and mysterious jamine noir.
(I am super happy that this sample came in pump form, 
makes things soo much easier! It smells nice too, it has a warm
scent, something I would wear on a night out!)

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow
Full size, $34-$39
Four complementary shades that can easily take you from day to night.

 When Birchbox says it's "The Perfect Smokey Eye"
It literally is! With these colors there are soo many ways to recreate 
a look, and there is an even amount of matte shades and shimmer shades.
The white and one of the light gray are mattes. (As you can 
probably see in the picture) Than the other gray and black are
shimmer shades. Which makes this little quad perfff! 
I will definitely be using these shadows!

To sum up my unboxing, I was really happy with everything that I got.  I could totally see my self using all the things I got in the box!  I am super pleased and can't wait to show you guys what I got in my Ipsy glam bag, and be able to compare the two!! (The Ipsy video is uploading, as we speak!) :) And you may be surprised at which bag I preferred at the end of the unboxing!

Well ladies if you are interested in the Birchbox Unboxing video, I will be more than happy to link that below so you can check it out! Have an amazing day!!

Later gorrgggiesss!!