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Saturday, September 21, 2013

OOTD: Transition into FALL!!

Helloo Gorrgggiess!! I have an outfit of the day I wanted to share here!  The outfit that I wore has a couple summer pieces in it.  Hints, why it is transition outfit. (duh) Haha.  It's not really that cold out yet, but I just can't wait for fall to get here!  Which by the way, it's officially just a DAY away! WOOO!  

I absolutely love the edgy vibe that this outfit gives off.  I just love that type of style too!  I know that leather jackets and combat boots are going to be a big staple to this season, so I wanted to be sure to incorporate those couple pieces into this outfit!

The hair, I just have in a messy bun and accessorized it with a leopard turban headband!  I actually have a hair tutorial on this hair look so I can link that on this blog for you, if you are interested in watching it and get some ideas! :)
There are also four other hair style that I did with the turban headband if you wanted to try something else! 

Jewelry, I am wearing a gold pyramid stud necklace, a wrap around bracelet with gold studs on that as well. And just studded heart and faux pearl earrings! 

My make up for this look, I wanted to go light on the eyes, and do more of a bolder lip.  I chose a MAC lipstick in Lustering.  I like the lipstick because it's buildable and love the hot pink color!  I took a picture of all the makeup products I used to achieve this look! 

Now for the outfit, the jacket is just a faux leather jacket, that has sweater material hoodie and sleeves! I got the jacket at Burlington Coat Factory.  If you don't know what that store is, it's just like a TJ MAX or ROSS!  Love those kind of stores.  I love bargain shopping and finding good deals!  I got this jacket for $19.99.  I love it! I can definitely see myself getting good wear out of this jacket this year!

My tank top is just a darker gray, loose fit tank.  I love that airiness that it has to the tank.  I wore a tank under the jacket since it is still a little warm out.  I didn't want to layer clothing and be too hot!  I can't remember where I got this tank top since I have had it for too long! 

My shorts, are Zana Di brand and they are just plain black shorts.  I believe I got these at Ross.  I can't remember the price. I am pretty sure they were less then $15! 
I paired the shorts with these light weight leggings/tights.  Whatever you want to call them! I love these leggings! super comfortable and I love the fact that it stops at my ankle and doesn't go over my whole foot!  I got these in japan and I want to say I paid $11-12 for them! 

As for my shoes, I got these combat boots at Forever 21! I bought them for $29.99 which is a pretty good price for them!  I will be getting my wear out of them so I am happy about that!  They zipper up on the side so you don't have to worry about lacing the boots over and over!  I also didn't tie them. I left the laces untied and just put a knot at the end of each lace so it doesn't loosen up on me.  But I like the look of them.  Just makes me feel like a little bad ass. HAHAHA.  

But yes! That was an over view of my whole outfit, and the prices to the majority of the things I wore!  If you want to see the video of my ootd I will gladly link that down below for you!!! 

Later gorrgggiesss!!