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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Outfit of the day! Highwaisted shorts and sleeveless blouse!

Hellooo gorrggiess!!

Summer is coming to an end, and I am over here trying to get as much wear out of my shorts and tanks as possible.  Even though I am looking forward to the Fall season, I am going to miss wearing summer outfits!  This is an outfit that anyone can pull off, and if you have similar pieces in your wardrobe than this will be an easy outfit to recreate!

I am just wearing a sleeveless button up blouse.  I got this at Papaya.  I believe it was like $10-11!  Which is a steal! I love the little heart details all over the blouse!  This is also a piece I can see myself wearing in the Fall since it is tan with some fall colors in it. (purples, blues, mustard yellow!)  I would just layer it with a cardigan or jacket! 
The tank top underneath, I got from Forever21 and it was like $2.80 or something along those lines.  Super cheap!! But the quality of the tank is pretty good for the price!

These faded acid wash type highwaisted shorts, I got at Hollister.  I believe I paid about $25-30 for them.  I love how highwaisted shorts fit me from Hollister.  These were a must when I saw them!  

My sandals are not pictured. (I always forget to take a picture of my shoes.)  But they are some nude color sandals that I picked up at Forever21.  I have different colors of the same sandals, because I have an obsession and I just love them that much.  But the sandals are featured on my YouTube channel for this OOTD.

As for my hair and make up, this is what it looked like, I didn't go into much detail about these two since I was running low on battery time. 

I will link the video down below if you are interested!! 

Later gorrgggiesss!!

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