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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ipsy Unboxing!! Favorite of the month, Birchbox OR Ipsy??

Hellllooo goorggiess!!
I got my Ipsy Glambag a few days ago, and was able to do an unboxing video and let me tell you I was surprised that my bag came a lot sooner than I thought it was going to come in.  I didn't get an email notification right away, so I thought I was never going to get my Ipsy package!  Luckily it did come in, and instead of it coming in a week after my Birchbox came in, it was only about 4-5 days apart this month!  Which wasn't bad at all! 

As you know I already did the unboxing for this month's Birchbox, and I have the post about that. (It's the post previous to this one, so go check it out if you haven't already!)  Quick little summary, for that unboxing, I was extremely content with that box.  I could see myself using all of the products and was just over all happy with everything that I recieved!  I thought this Birchbox would be an awesome box to compare to the Ipsy, since I loved everything.  Even though I did things separately this time, I still wanted to compare the two.   

 This month's Ipsy Glam Bag was called "Classic Beauty"

Michelle Phan sent a sample post card of her make up brand "em" 
The post card included all the shades from her "The Life Palette"

This is what the bag looks like this month! I love the blue that
they chose for the bag, and it has a lace-mesh detail of flowers 
on the bag.  Which I thought was super cute! 
Here is all the products that I received in the glam bag.

I got these John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.
These were deluxe size samples, which are nice to have.  
Especially to take on a vacation or when you're traveling.
I don't see myself using these for a while, since I am using a 
certain type of shampoo and conditioner for my
dyed hair.  But it will be good to have for the future!


 I got this "IT'S SO B!G" Volumizing Mascara By Elizabeth Mott.
Honestly, Ipsy sent me a Pixie mascara last month 
so I wasn't so thrilled to receive another mascara.  Second month
in a row at that.  But I will be trying it out to see how I like it!

 I got this "Starlooks" eyeliner in Obsidian and let me tell you,
this eyeliner glided onto my hand so well when I swatched it!
It was so creamy and I am really excited about this eyeliner!
You can never have too many black eyeliners! :)

 I got this "NYX" eyeshadow and this is in Earthy Shimmer.

 It's a really pretty off white color. It has a yellow undertone to it,
and it is shimmery. I would used this to highlight my browbone and 
the inner corner of my eyes.  I did a swatch of the eyeshadow
and it was pigmented, but it was also pretty powdery and had a pretty 
good amount of fall out to it.  Hopefully once I put an eyeshadow
primer on the fall out won't be as bad.  But I love the color!

 Here is all the makeup products that i got in my Ipsy and I felt like I 
barely had anything in my bag.  It went by so fast when I went throught it in my video.
Out all five of the things I got, I was excited about two of them.
I am sure you can guess which ones they were!
The eyeliner, and eyeshadow of course.
I didn't care much for the shampoo and conditioner only because
I am using a certain type for my hair at the moment and don't 
want to change it up.  And the mascara is pretty self explanatory.
I don't need two mascaras two months in a row. I could have 
used something else I haven't tried yet, and probably would have been 
excited that I got that instead.

To compare this month's Birchbox and Ipsy, I would definitely have to give it to Birchbox this month!  I loved everything in the box and had no complaints.  I am super surprised since I have always chose Ipsy as my monthly favorite since I have been subscribed.  But like all subscriptions, there are hit and misses.  Now I am just looking forward to next month's Christmas presents. Haha. 

If you are interested in watching my Ipsy Unboxing I will link that down below for you!! :)

Later gorrgggiess!

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