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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

e.l.f cosmetics Smudge Pot SWATCHES!

Hellooo gorrgggiesss!
I have been MIA for the last month and a half or so, nothing new right?! haha. With all the holidays coming and going I have been all over the place, not to mention Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving by the way! :)

I wanted to get out these e.l.f cosmetics smudge pot swatches since I do have all of them and have been meaning to get this video out for a while now. I know I am a horrible procrastinator. 

I absolutely love these smudge pots and the consistency reminds me of the Maybelline tattoo shadows! 

Check them out on the e.l.f website! They are ridiculously affordable at only $3! I also have a video on my channel (teaseblendglam) of the swatches HERE! 

Until next time.
Laterr gorrgggiess!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Burgundy Eyes & officially FALL!!

Hellooo goorgggiess!!

Long time no post! I seriously have been soo busy lately! Of course being a mother and wife is my priority, we did a little bit of traveling for Labor Day weekend, and I still have to manage my Youtube Channel, (which I am having a giveaway on skin care products going on right now!) Click HERE to watch it, if you want to enter! I also took up a little hobby of couponing, which I have been doing for about a month now! I am totally addicted by the way! LOL. 

Anyways, the reason for this post is it is officially FALL season!! I have been loving the weather lately, it's seriously the perfect weather! Not to cold, not to hot! With Fall weather comes all the fun Fall scents,  pumpkin spice everything, sweater and scarf weather and my favorite Fall makeup!! 

One of my favorite shades that I like to play on my eyes is burgundy.  I have brown eyes and I feel like the burgundy shade really compliments my eyes and makes them stand out just a little bit since they are so dark. I have incorporated the burgundy shade in my makeup looks lately and have been using them on different areas of my eyes.  I wanted to share this post with you just to give you some make up ideas. :) I also have a burgundy eyeshadow look on my channel that I created last Fall if you are interested in watching that it's right HERE!

The couple make up looks that I have created recently are these pictured below! I have been obsessed with doing a smokey eye as well. I feel like its the perfect time to bring out the smokey look when Fall comes around. So I have also incorporated that in the burgundy eyeshadow looks I have created! 

I mainly applied burgundy eyeshadow on the inner half of my eyelids and also in the crease. :) 

 Here is another picture of the eye look! :)

 For this look I just smoked out my eyelids and applied the burgundy shade in the crease and also used it as a transition as well as applying it on my lower lash line and water line! This is also another favorite! 

I have yet to make a video on these eye looks but will do it very soon!! I am thinking about filming a video on the second look. :) 

Other than just experimenting with make up I have been enjoying time with my precious family and watching my son grow. I can't believe I had him over two months ago!

Well mommy duties call! 
Til next time!

Laterrr gorrgggiess!! <3

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Spring/Summer Wreath!

Hellooo gorrggiess!

This post as you probably have read from the title has nothing to do with a beauty related topic, but I have been meaning to write this post for quite sometime now and wanted to share!  Now I am able to finally sit down and get to it.  Even though Summer is just about over, *sad face* You can still make this wreath and have it ready to put up for next Spring! I love doing DIY wreaths (I did my Fall wreath too!) 

I wanted to make a wreath that I can keep up for both Spring and Summer so I wasn't switching out wreaths in like a couple months. I wanted something that was extremely colorful too! I mean it is only fitting right?  I bought all the things for this wreath at Michaels (craft store) except the actual wreath, I got that at Hobby Lobby.  I usually would have gotten my wreath essentials at Hobby Lobby as well but at the time I bought the wreath I wasn't quite sure what I wanted exactly.  I was still getting my thoughts and ideas together.  The day that I ended up at Michaels I figured why not, I should probably get the ball rolling and get everything I needed for my wreath while I was there. Now that I have given you my full on explanation… LOL  Lets get started!

Here is all the items I got for my wreath! I ended up getting an assortment of flowers to make the bouquet out of. I just went in and grabbed whatever I thought would be pretty. Haha. I bought the wreath of course, which was super inexpensive I think I paid like $3 for it since I had a coupon for it! I also got a wooden letter for the initial in my last name. 

This time around I got a pre tied bow. I made the bow when I made my fall wreath, but I just wanted to get this wreath up and on my door asap since I already had put it up really late into the Spring season. 
Other additional items that I already had and used to make this wreath was a hot glue gun, acrylic paint, and extra ribbon to hang the wreath on the door.

I started by planning how I wanted to set the flowers in the bouquet and  where I wanted to place everything on the wreath. Most the flowers had stems on them so I was able to weave the stems into the wreath so it held onto the wreath a bit better.  Than I hot glued certain areas of the bouquet onto the wreath for an extra hold.  After I was done with that I placed the bow over the stems of the flowers to give it more of that appropriate bouquet look. That little piece of detail really pulls the whole wreath together!

I begin to paint the letter with the acrylic paint and I wasn't so sure what exactly I wanted to do color wise.  I had the bright idea to just mix the green and the orange together and gave it more of a marbled  effect. (I would suggest to do this first, if you plan on painting the letter at all since its going to take some time to dry, which I wish I would have thought of when I started making my wreath).
Once the letter finally dried though I was able to place it on the wreath and I ended up taking some of that extra ribbon I use to hang the wreath up and tied it to the letters to make sure that the letter stays on my wreath. (I did this to the previous wreath I made too!)

After all that was complete, I was ready to hang up my wreath! I was super excited with the out come!! I fell in love with this wreath and it looks great on my door! 
Items you will need:
- Wreath
- Assortment of flowers
- Letter
- Ribbon/bow
- Hot glue gun
- Paint (optional)
- Paint brush (if you decide to paint the letter)

I hope you were able to enjoy this post! I love doing little DIYs around my house! :)

Later gorrgggiess!!
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Catch up! Recent vids I posted on my Channel!

Helloo gorgggiess!!

So it has almost been a month since I wrote a post on here, I had so much going on in the month of July that it has kept me so busy.  We had family stay for a few weeks, had birthdays, and we welcomed our new bundle of joy into our lives! I will have more details on that in another post but my son is finally here! :) I honestly couldn't be any happier right now. 

Even though I am a busy mommy and wife, I still want to try and keep up with my blog posts and of course I stay on top of my YouTube Channel! Or at least I try to! I am a great multi-tasker by the way. ;) 

The point of this blog is to quickly catch you up on the recent vids I have on my channel so if you haven't watched them yet and want to kill some time, I have you covered!
If you don't already know, I am an e.l.f haul girl.  I entered a contest last year on how to contour, which you can watch that video HERE! 
I was one of the girls chosen to partner up with e.l.f cosmetics. They send us items to do reviews and host giveaways!  I am super thankful that I won and it has definitely been a great experience!  To celebrate their 10th year birthday, E.l.f Cosmetics sent me a set of their Studio Luxe Brush Collection to test out and do a review on. 
Of course like many e.l.f products (I'm kind of addicted to e.l.f cosmetics) they ended up being a hit in my book! I absolutely loved the brushes and if you want to find out more details about this set then you can watch it here! 

I posted these next two videos a little late in July, but hey! Atleast they went up right!? 
I got my two monthly subscriptions like I normally get them but this month I did notice they came a bit later than usual which was perfectly ok with me since I wasn't able to film an unboxing right away.  I got some pretty summer friendly products in both subscriptions and had to share! If you want to see that video watch it here! I even let you in on which subscription I favorited this month too! :)

The last video I wanted to share is my July Favorites! I love filming these videos because I like to share my favorites of my most used items in that month.  It also gives you guys ideas of products to try if you are interested! I didn't have many favorites this month since I didn't really get the chance to use many new make up products since I was so busy with my personal life but I still have products that I used a lot of.  I also have a little special appearance at the end of the video. So if you want to watch that then Click HERE! :)
Well that pretty much sums up what I have to say in this post! If you haven't watched this videos yet, than I hope you enjoy them! 

Later gorrgggiess! <3
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Iziwig Hair Extension Review!

Helloo gorrgggiess!! 
I have a hair extension review that I wanted to quickly share.  I was given the opportunity to give a brand called Iziwig a try. I wanted something that would go well with my red hair since I didn't want anything that would clash with it.  I went with a 6 pack hair extension highlights and the shade that I got them in was in platinum blonde! I got them in the mail and tested them out a few times before giving my final opinion about them. I absolutely loved how they looked in my hair and I did more of a peek a boo highlight look, which was the perfect touch for my hair!  I was able to curl them with my Nume hair curler, which if you know their brand, their curling wands/straighteners get HOT!! I didn't have any problems what so ever with the curling wand frying the hair at all.  I also trimmed the length of the extension a little bit so it flowed easier with my natural hair length. I highly recommend this brand and the extensions are 100% Remy human hair!  I like that they are reasonably priced as well! I have purchased other brands in the past that do the same thing as these extensions but are double the price!  Not only do they sell extensions, they sell wigs and other types of extension packs too!  Check them out! They are worth the investment if you decide to try them out!

I have a couple discount codes if you are interested in checking out their site and purchasing.  I get nothing out of it, I love saving a little cash here and there and thought I would share with you awesome readers! :) I will also link below the specific hair extensions I got, Iziwig website and my youtube video of the FULL on review/ mini demo on these hair extensions! 

Can't forget the discount codes!!
Buy one item to save 6%off Code: YTB6OFF
Buy two items or more to save 12%off Code: YTB12OFF

Later gorrgggiess!! <3

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer time POP of color!

The summer time is all about a pop of color! I have been obsessing over this trend wether the pop of color be on your eyes, lips, or even on your outfit!  It is something that can pull your whole look together!  I have been loving the pop of color trend on my eyes especially!! I always look for different ways to express that pop of color when it comes to make up!  If you are looking for any ideas I have a few that I want to share and I have a tutorial from my channel on one of the looks that I will link below, of course!
A really big summer make up trend is to keep the eyes neutral and have that pop of color on your lips! I love this trend but I also like to think out side the box as well! I have incorporated this lip trend on myself, and wanted to show you what I have done to create it!  The picture to the left is a look I did with neutral eyes and the pop on my lips.  I have noticed that I have been leaning towards purple shades often, especially on my lips! I absolutely love this color on my lips.  This is a Milani lipstick and the shade is in Violet Volt.  It also reminds me of the color of the year, "Radiant Orchid" but I seriously can not get over this shade! 
Again, with the purples but now moving on to the pop of color on the eyes!  I did a few different placements on the eyes but still the same concept.  In the beginning of the spring time I was loving and still love the pop of color in my inner corners.  I usually do the neutral tone shades on the rest of my eyes and just leave the pop for my inner corners and trust me these pictures DON'T do justice!  I love purples on my eyes but I absolutely am obsessed with this eye look!  For this pop of purple I got the shade from the BH Cosmetics It's Judy Time palette! 

This next look is the most recent one I created. I actually did this earlier today!  I kept the eyes neutral and at the last minute decided to use the green liquid eyeliner that I got in my Ipsy glam bag this month.  This is a Nicka K liquid liner and the shade that it is in is "Green" I applied it on my lower lash line and brought it all the way up to my cat wing!  Again these pictures do not do justice!  These were the couple shots that actually made the eye look decent and I had to share! It was definitely simple to do yet it looks like I put a lot of work into creating the look.  I have a couple other colored eyeliners that I want to use and I may just create a video tutorial on how I achieve that look! :)

Last but not least,  I did this neon yellow/green shadow on the middle of my lids and lower lash line and kept it yet again neutral on the rest of the eyes.  I got this neon yellow/green from the Urban Decay Electric palette! Honestly, that palette is so bomb and has so many bright shadows included in it!  If you are looking for bright eyeshadows that are extremely pigmented than this is the only palette you will need!  If you are interested in recreating this look I actually have it on my YouTube Channel and can link that right here for you!

Click HERE for the tutorial on this Neon Yellow pop!

The trick to pull of any pops of color is to make sure to go with one bright color and to neutralize the look by wearing browns and tans to even out the pop of color.  If you go too drastic and have 2 or even 3 bright colors on the lid it may not be as wearable for just an every day look.  I am not saying that it isn't at all wearable, a lot of girls are able to pull off that look but if you are not use to wearing bright shadows on your eyes than mixing neutral shades with the pop of color will definitely help when incorporating this summer look as an everyday eye look.

I hope you enjoyed this read on different pops of color that I have created on myself and hope to encourage you to try these looks out as well!! I love trying new things when it comes to make up, I mean that is what it's all about right!? ;)

Later gorrggiess!!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Birchbox VS Ipsy June 2014

Helloo goorggggiess!!

I wanted to share with you a quick post about June's Birchbox and Ipsy.  I finally was able to get my hands into these monthly subscriptions and do an unboxing. (Which I will have the video link down below if you want to check out everything I got!) 

Honestly, I was excited about 2 products in each subscription and the rest I could either do without or didn't really HAVE TO HAVE type thing.  But that won't stop me from using those products!

Starting off with the Birchbox, I won't go into detail with everything that I got. But I will definitely let you know that I was pretty excited about the LAQA & Co. lip lube that was sent to me. YES, it is called Lip Lube. It does have an interesting name, am I right?! HAHA. I got it in a purple shade which I was super excited about since I have been leaning towards those shades this Spring/Summer.  I was also surprised with what they had for their Birchbox exclusive, which was a Cynthia Rowley eyeliner in a silver. I swatched the liner in the video and was impressed with the quality of the liner and I could see myself using the liner for multiple uses!

As for the Ipsy, I loved the Nicka K liquid eyeliner that they sent me. It was in the shade "Green".  It had more of an emerald tone to it, which I absolutely loved! It is perfect for that pop of color you may want during the Summer! I did receive a lip product in my Ipsy glam bag as well.  I was excited about it, it was a Nyx Butter Gloss! The shade that I got the butter gloss in was "Apple Strudel" and it is seriously the perfect shade to wear during the Summer!

Can you tell I am still super excited that Summer is here?! :) Not only for the warm weather, soaking up the sun, and being poolside but I am going to pop pretty soon!! I am due in the middle of July, but I have a feeling my son will make an entrance before then! I guess we will see!!

Back to the subscriptions! Over all, I was pleased with both, Birchbox and Ipsy where I really couldn't choose which one I preferred over the other this month.  I was equally excited about the products that I got this month in each subscription so who says it can't be a tie, right! 

Laterr gorgggiess!! <3

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