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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shattered Porcelain Doll Halloween Tutorial!!

Helloo gorrggggiess!

I got another Halloween tutorial up for you on my channel! This tutorial is a shattered porcelain doll look.  I love how the look turned out! I have also included a hair tutorial to complete the whole look!  I really hope you enjoy the tutorial!! I will of course have the link below so you can check it out!  Everything that you want to know is in the video of course!

Sorry that this post was short...but it was definitely sweet. :)

Later gorrggggiess!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Tutorial: Mardi Gras Mask!!

Hello goorrrgggiesss!!
I have a Mardi Gras inspired mask/halloween tutorial to share with you Today!  I love the gold and the simplicity of this look.  Yet, it looks flashy!  I also am doing my first collaboration in this video!  I am doing the collab with a fellow YouTuber, and she is also creating a Mardi Gras look!  So, we have two options for you if you aren't quite sure what you want to do exactly. :) Options are always great, right?   

I was going to write out the steps of this tutorial, but it seems like it would be ridiculously too long to go through all the steps.  And it's not as complicated if you just want to watch it.  You can also get the full on details on how I created the look too!  I have a couple other halloween tutorials I am doing for the season and I am just thinking about doing the same to all of them when I write them on my blog, just so it's not too time consuming. I am sure the amount of time it takes you to read the post you would have been already done watching the video. HAHA. 

Sooo, it you are interested in recreating this look then I will post the link to the video below! :)

Later gorggggiess!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

OOTD: Skull Dress & Up do!!

Hellooo goorgggiesss!!

I recently uploaded an outfit of the day on my channel, and of course I had to share on my blog!  I have been getting a lot of request to do more, so I am working on it!  I love skulls and have a lot of skulls in my wardrobe!  So of course I am sharing a skull piece with you! 

Today's outfit is a Skull Dress that I paired it with a cardigan and black sandals!  I love how the outfit turned out.  I do have a couple things I want to show you that are staples of this outfit! (like the dress wasn't enough of a statement.) - Sarcasm of course. 

The hair, I just put up in an up do! I love how it turned out! I actually have a tutorial on this in my Mardi Gras inspired halloween tutorial.  If you are interested in trying to recreate the up do, definitely don't hesitate to check that out on my youtube channel teaseblendglam  :)

The ring is another favorite that just ties the whole outfit together!! I am completely obsessed with skulls and skeletons, so when I saw this I knew it was going to be mine. I LOVE IT!! :)

I will link the OOTD video below so you can actually see the whole look, including the makeup! :)

Later gorrggggiess!!!

September FAVESS!

Hello gooorgggies!!
I have had my September favorites video uploaded to my channel for a little over a week or so, and now I am finally getting the time out to write this post on my blog... Yes, on the 10 of October. LOL. Before you know it, it's going to be that time of the month again to be going over favorites!! These months seem to just fly on by! 

In case you are wondering why I have been late on this post, it's honestly because I have been busy getting other video ideas together.  You know, since Halloween is right around the corner, I have been getting a few good ideas on some Halloween tutorials.  Which, by the way I am super excited about!  I have soo many ideas but soo little time to do all of them.  But I guess we will all see which ones I do end up doing! :)  I actually have a Halloween tutorial up by the way, the first of the season. But that's a totally different blog post, (which I do plan on doing asap!) HAHA.  I swear, I am a professional procrastinator!

Speaking of procrastination, I should probably stop rambling.  Lets get right into this months favorites!!

My first fave is this brand Klorane and it's a dry shampoo.
I got this dry shampoo in my Birchbox, and have been using it and loving it!

Quantum Riveting Reds Shampoo & Conditioner
Love this shampoo and conditioner! This has helped my burgundy
hair color last a lot longer. LOVE!

Garnier Dark Circle Eye Roller
Amazing product for dark circles for the under eye!

 Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter
Love this product soo much I pretty much ran out of the product
before the month was even over! I used it over the dark spot roller to brighten
my eyes, and it's amazing for highlighting!

 Jordana 12 HR Made to Last Shadow Stick
These are amazing shadow sticks! They don't smudge!
I have these sticks in "Continuous Almond" & "Prolong Purple"

 BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

 Here are the shadows and blushes in the palette! These are
amazing fall colors! Love the blushes, as you can use them to 
compliment any neutral eye look.

 Jordana FabuBrow Eye Pencil
This pencil is in dark brown, great for brows and I bought this during the summer
and recently started using it again since I used up my Chella brow pencil. 

 Blush & Highlighter duo
I don't know the brand, or what shade this duo is in,
I got this in Japan and cannot translate the kanji. But I rediscovered this
in my makeup drawer and have been addicted to the duo all month!

 NYX Matte Finish Fini Mat
Love this setting spray! It does leave a matte finish
on to your face. (duh) Amazing product!

ELF Lip balm, SPF 15
This is perfect if you don't want to wear lipstick. 
This balm is in the shade "Nude" 
Very hydrating and it does leave a mint feeling! 

Revlon Base Coat
I have noticed when I use this base coat, it works
well as a base coat! I can go as long as over a week with no chips!

 Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Nail Polish
This chunky gold glitter is in "Gold Fingers"
Amazing for a topcoat, and I just love the chunky look 
of the glitter! 

Those are my favorites for the month of September!  I enjoyed all of these products for the month and continue to enjoy them! Hopefully I have influenced you to try out some of these products if you haven't already tried them! 

I go into details about each product a bit more in my video, so if you want to know some extra things about a certain product, check out the video!  I might be able to help you that way! I will link the video down below! :)

Later gorrrgggiess!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hautelook HAUL!! | NYX & Crown Brush!

Helloo goorgggies!!

I purchased a few things from the website Hautelook and got some pretty amazing deals!!  If by chance you are not familiar with Hautelook, it is a website that Nordstrom owns and they sell retail items such as, mens, womens, and children clothing, home goods, shoes, makeup and plenty more!  They host events on certain brands every day and they only last a certain amount of time so you got to get the amazing deal while it lasts!!  Things also tend to sell out super quick when there is a deal that you can't pass up.  So always keep an eye out if you are looking for a certain something!!

I bought things from two different events on the website.  NYX had a pretty good sale going, and I purchased three blushes for about $9!  Which is a steal!! I also got a pack of five NYX Lip glosses and they called the pack "The IT List". I believe I only paid $12 for that pack.  I absolutely love NYX cosmetics and am super happy I got some pretty amazing deals!

I also got a set of Crown brushes.  I always hear great things about the brushes, so I was really excited to see that they were on the website.  They weren't just on any regular sale, they had a Spring Blow Out sale on them. (I believe that is what they called it, haha.) I got soo many things with the make up brushes, which included: an eyeshadow palette, sponges, kabuki brushes, eye liner, and a make up bag!  You want to hear how much this all cost.  Prepared to be amazed! I got all of these Crown Brush products for TEN BUCKS!!!  How much of an amazing deal is that!  My jaw legit dropped when I saw the price for all the items, I even did a double take to make sure it was real life! It was my lucky day because it all wasn't a dream. LOL. I have seen Crown Brush host events on Hautelook in the past but I have never seen them cost that affordable, so you know I didn't even have to think twice about buying them.  Not to mention, I do have a huge make up brush obsession.  I love trying out different brands and just having a ridiculous collection, of course.

I love finding awesome deals on Hautelook.  Especially with the holidays nearing, there is honestly something for everyone on that site!  I hate checking out the site everyday, because I know it will get me into trouble. HAHA!  But what can you do if you're a lady that loves some retail therapy! 

If you want to check out the video of my haul, I will gladly link it below!! :)

Later gorrggiess!!