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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MY Burgundy - Plum hair dying experience!

Hellooo gorrgggiess!!

As the Summer season is slowly ending, Fall is quickly approaching before we know it.  There will be many different Fall trends that we are looking forward to!  We will be seeing scarves, boots, layering, and plenty more.  

As for hair goes, I have noticed one trend that may possibly be a staple for the season!  Burgundy hair!  I was in need of a change.  I seriously felt like I was having withdrawals since I haven't done anything to my hair in almost a year!  I was even contemplating shaving it! Hahaha.  After searching on Pinterest for different hair colors, I narrowed it down to a burgundy-plum type color.  I didn't want my hair to be too much of a bright red.  I wanted something in between!  So I went to Sally's Beauty to check out what kind of hair colors they had and there wasn't much of an option when it came to burgundy-plum colors.  Trust me they had plenty of reds though!!  But I have dyed my hair red in the past and I just wasn't going for that particular hair look.  I needed something a bit deeper. 

(I want to point out that I am not a professional by any means.  I am just explaining my experience, the steps and process I went through to dye my hair myself.  Please, dye at your own risk.) :)

I came across this AGE beautiful hair dye and saw the the little hair swatch of it, and it was as close to the color I was looking for as I was going to get.  The color was 3V Darkest Plum Brown, but the color looked super vibrant I thought I picked a winner!  I also picked out the AGE beautiful developer in 30 volume.  It was a 1:1 part ratio when I added in the dye and the developer.  I used 4oz (2 bottles) of the hair dye and I used 4oz of the developer.  I returned home and dyed my hair instantly after I bought the products.  After I finally blow dried my hair and saw the finish product I wasn't so thrilled.  The color turned out to be a lot darker than what the swatched had showed.  In the sunlight, I could see the plum color trying to come through but this wasn't what I had envisioned!  

 Here is the developer and the hair color I chose.

 ALL DONE!  Just mixed it in this bowl I got from Sally's and purchased the brush there as well!

 Waiting it out! I wrap my whole head in aluminum foil just so I know that I won't get dye all over the place and I feel like my hair kind of "cooks" underneath the foil better.

 The Aftermath!
My hair color with the flash.

My hair color without the flash.

Soo, now that you have seen the hair color, and could possibly understand my disappointment.  Haha.  I know this wasn't the color and I was determined to try everything in my power to get it right.  I definitely didn't want to go about bleaching my hair, since that can be super damaging.  And I know its damaging enough to go TWO days in a row with dying it.  But I took my chances!  I went back to Sally's the next day and looked at the Loreal HiColors.  I was eyeing those from the get go since I heard many great things about it, but from the hair swatches and what I had seen from other people using it, looked like it brightened the hair right up! But since my hair was a lot darker, I figured the color would even out and it would turn out more of a deeper color instead.  Yes, I winged it and got the HiColor in Magenta, and I also bought the Loreal developer in 30 Volume.  I ended up using two tubes of the hair dye, and for each tube of hair dye you had to double the amount of developer.  So I ended up using 2.4oz of dye and poured in 4.8oz of developer.  

Once I started the dying process I started from the bottom and worked my way to the top of my head. I also left my roots for the last step.  After I got my whole head, thats when I went back and filled in my roots.  I left the dye in my hair for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Which I have dyed my hair with dye for years, (even using boxed hair dye) and always left it in for that amount.  Just to make sure the dye saturates into my hair.

 Here is the hair dye and developer I used, and this is the after conditioner I used in my hair for the both times I dyed it.  That conditioner smelled like pumpkin spice! MMMMM!

Here is the final product! I was static to see that the color came out exactly how I envisioned it and it was all worth it in the end!  In a way, I was thinking that maybe dying it that darker color worked out for me since it evened out the Loreal Hicolor I put into my hair, and toned it down to how I wanted it.
If you are interested in seeing the process and me just explaining my thought and opinions on it I will link the video below! :)

Later gorrggiesss!! <3

Monday, August 26, 2013

Maintaining hair after going to the GYM! NO WASH necessary!!

Helloooo Gorrgggiesss!

We all want to be able to look our best in all ways possible, am I right?  It's just nature for us as women to do so.  The older we get, we also start to notice little things like our weight shifting, looser skin, and we may not have the body frame we wish we had 5-10 years ago.  I know we all have made some type of commitment to stay healthy and get fit at least once or twice in our lifetime.  Could one of the reasons we stick with it for a few weeks and call it quits because we just get sick and tired of washing our hair every day!!?  

If that sounds comical, you seriously wouldn't believe how much of a burden washing our hair everyday really is to us women who have been there and done that.  And not to mention, it's super damaging for our hair, as it strips all of the natural oil from it and dries it out.  I am just here to explain to you that you really don't have to avoid the gym just to save your hair.  There are certainly other ways to get through this.  Lets do it together!

I love staying fit, and being able to keep my body in great shape.  With that choice comes the horrific dirty gym hair.  The fact that there is NO wash necessary is amazing for several reasons, but for me it helps save time.  Being a mother is a full time job.  There are no days off and trying to squeeze simple things like fitness, and make up can be a challenge.  But with dedication and time management it all gets much easier!  I may have time to get my make up on, but do I have time to blow dry and style my hair right out of the shower?  I know you other mothers out there know this answer! :)  It's almost a kinda of pick one or the other decision!  I just go through the steps, different products and hair tools I use in my latest video on YouTube!  Dry shampoo will indeed be your best friend in this situation and will have your hair up in running in no time! 
Grab something to snack on and enjoy the tutorial! :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My brow routine & How I maintain them!

Helllooo goorgggiess!!! 

I have been asked upon request by some of you awesome ladies to show you all my eyebrow routine!  I have also included how I groom and keep them maintained!  I just want to point this out there that this may not work for all of you, but it works for me.. (Well, duh! It's MY routine..HAHA.)  I have been doing this routine to my brows for a while now.  I have played with other brow shadows and such in the past and just wasn't interested in the outcome, I don't like the powdery finish it gives off after I apply it onto my brows, and I feel like brow shadows don't last as long as pencils do!  I know I can trust them nifty brow pencils to get the job done.  And the staying power of the pencils last a lot longer for me!  

I shaped my brows myself.  I grew them out, (which was a process alone and I looked like a hot mess by the way!) Than shaped them to how I wanted them. I knew I wanted an arch to my brow so I figure that out myself.  Which was super easy.  I just took my brow pencil and placed one end next to the tip of my nose and diagonally aligned it over my eye and the other end of the pencil hovered over my eyebrow.  Thats how I found my arch and just started plucking away!  Just be careful and be sure not to over pluck!! 
Lets get into this... Shall we!? :)

I took a quick picture to show you what my face looks like with one eyebrow done and one eyebrow not quite done.  I feel more put together, and not as "bald" when I fill in my brows. It has seriously become an important step in my makeup routine. 
Look at the BIG difference!!!

My grooming tools and things I need to get my brows up and running!

1. The orange thing is a mascara blocker, it blocks mascara from transferring onto your eyelid, but I don't use that part often, I use this tool for the comb that it has on the end! (it's great for the trimming process, but any thin tooth comb will do!)
2. Trimming scissors
3. Tweezers
4. Pencil Sharpener
5. Q-tips

I use two brushes.  Both of these brushes are BH Cosmetic brushes. I use the spooly brush, and I use a small angled brush.
I use the spooly to blend the product into the brow, so it has more of a natural and realistic look.
I use the small angled brush to blend the highlight color into the brow bone.   

On to the brow products!

 This is the Wet n Wild brow pencil in "Mink Brown"
Can you believe I got this pencil for 99 cents!
The formula in this brow pencil is seriously phenomenal! Glides on so easy and the pigment in the pencil is amazing! I love trying out different brow pencils.  Another favorite of mine is the BH Cosmetics brow pencil in Dark Brown. 

 To highlight my brow bone I have been using the NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Yogurt"
I absolutely love this jumbo stick! I use it for almost everything! Definitely a favorite! 

I have this NYC brow kit in "Brunette"
The kit comes with a mini brush, wax, and a brow shadow.  I don't use the brow shadow much, but I love the wax to set my eyebrows in place. 

 Brow Maintenance!

I start off by plucking any excess hairs that might just be laying around trying to find itself a home.
Sorry, but you just can't stay here. :P 
I pluck every other day or when I see a few trying to hang out.

This is where the comb and trimming scissors come in and I just start trimming away any long hairs. I tend to do this every other week or so.

 I take the spooly and comb all the hairs in place. I comb in the direction my brow hair grows in.

 Sharpen that brow pencil, girl!!
I like to make sure I start with a sharpen brow pencil.  It helps control the pencil, and give more of a precise line when doing the outline.

Brow Routine! 

I start off with outlining my brow shape. 

 As you can see, I bring the brow pencil line past my brow hair and more towards the center.  

I fill in my brows, when I fill them in I start at the tail of my brow and work my way toward the beginning of the brow.  Also, fill in the brow in the exact direction your hair grows in.  It helps with the blending and making the brow look more realistic. 

 The closer I got to the beginnig of my brow, the lighter I let up on the pencil.  Once I reach toward the beginning of the brow I didn't  fill it in.
The brow will look something like this!

I take my spooly and start brushing against the direction the brow grows in.  This helps give it a lighter gradient affect at the start of your brow, and than blends into a darker state the more you go towards the end of the brow.

 I take the spooly and than start blending the rest of the brow where it has been filled in.  You are going to want to brush in the direction the hair is growing in.

 Take the q-tip and align it with your nose and go up.  This cleans up any excess pencil marks.

 Clean up the outline of the brow, if it is necessary.

 Take the NYX Jumbo Stick and apply that on the brow bone.

 Take the angled brush and start blending the shadow stick.  When you blend, blend away from your eyebrow to avoid any smearing.

 Take the brush from the brow kit and use the wax from the brow kit.  Brush the wax on brows.

 Take the spooly and blend the wax into the brow, for extra hold and to make sure them eyebrows ain't going no where!!

 Complete brow look!
(YAY, got eyebrows now!)

 Ta-daaa!! :D

Love how my brows turn out every time!! (& I may take too many selfies!) Bahahaha! :D

See how simple that was!  I love it and swear by it everyday I apply makeup.  If you are interested in seeing the whole routine in action, than I will link the video below!! :)

Click HERE to watch my brow routine!!!

Later gorrgggiess!!! 

xx <3 

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 2013 Birchbox && IPSY Unboxing!!

Helloooo gorrgggiess!!

SOO... I am doing an unboxing of all the things I recieved in both, Birchbox and my IPSY glam bag for the month of August!! :) I am finally getting the time to write this post to show you ladies all the fun treats I received! 

If you are curious and want to know what the heck is a birchbox or an ipsy???  Don't panic! I got you covered. :) Birchbox and IPSY are monthly subscriptions of skincare, beauty, and makeup products! Each subscription has about 5-6 items each! Before you start receiving boxes you have to fill out a questionnaire so the box/bag will suit your needs and send you products that you would possibly go for!  I'm not going to lie, sometimes the subscription can be hits and misses but there is always something in the package I am super stoked to try out!  It's fun to get a little surprise each month, I am like a child on Christmas morning when I get mine in the mail, lol and also being able to have the opportunity to try out products that you probably have never tried out before makes it all worth it!!  Not to mention these two subscription are ONLY $10 a month... YES, I said it! TEN BUCKS!  You will definitely get your mooolahs worth! :)  There are many beauty subscriptions out there, and this trend is growing rapidly.  But I love these two & for $10 each, I seriously can't complain. :) 

This month's theme for both of the boxes were "Back to school" themes, which is totally understandable since the school year has finally begun!  But I know for sure anyone can use these amazing products for every walk of life!

Enough of my rambling! I am ready to get into it and show you what I got!!
I am going to start off with my Birchbox first. I seem to always start with that first. Haha. 

This is what my Birchbox looked like when I opened it up! :)

I recieved this as a "Beauty Extra"
It is the TanTowel Self-Tan Towelettes
Full-size, $24

 ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick
Set of 3, $24

This is the shade I got the lippie in. 
Disco Fever 

Here is a swatch of the lippie!
I love the color!! It is more of an
orange with a coral undertone!

 Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect
Sulfate-free leave-in conditioner that protects color and blocks UV rays
Full size, $32

 Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF 45+ 
Full size, $39

 Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet/Hand Wipes
Full size, $25.95

I was super excited to see all of the things I got in my Birchbox! I think I was even more pumped to see that I got an awesome shade of lipstick! (I have actually been wanting to find a lippie that was an orange type shade!) :D And I was super duper thrilled to also get a BB cream! I love wearing BB creams on days that I don't feel like I need to go full on glitz! Bahahaha! 
The hair product, I am glad I got since I just recently dyed my hair (more details later!) and I need a sulfate free leave-in conditioner product.  So it was pretty much like Birchbox read my mind!  And as for the hands/feet wipes, I have never used a product like that, and I like how compact it is.  I can just toss them in my purse and be on my way!
I am not a big fan of the tanning wipes, I don't do any of that fake tan/self tan type stuff since I am already a natural color tan to begin with.  Maybe during the winter time I will be using this.. But for now I will put this away and wait until it's time for his moment to shine! 

Now for the IPSY Glam Bag!
I thought it was super cute that they called it this month's theme
"Glamour Academy"

 This is the makeup back that all the products came in. 
Super durable makeup bag, and it didn't feel cheap at all!
Can't go wrong with the purple and gold colors either!
If you look closely those little emblems on shield is 
a lipstick, mascara, a foundation tube, and makeup brush. 
Cuteeee, right!? :)

I got a sample of the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

 The shade I got the lippie in is called "Anarchy"
 Can someone say
super HOT pink!! I hope I can pull this off! LOL

 Of  course I had to do a swatch for you
I love the color and it's extremely pigmented!

 I think out of the whole glam bag I was beyond thrilled to get this 
Michael Todd, Jojoba Charcoal Scrub!! 
I hear the Michael Todd products are to die! And now I get to 
see for myself. :) On top of that, I hear amazing things about how 
great charcoal scrubs are for your skin. :D 
This is also a deluxe sample size!

 Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in Black

Here is a picture of what the wand looks like. 

Chella Eyebrow Pencil
I have never used this brand before, but I love trying out different
brow pencils.  This also happened to be in the color "dark brown"
Score for meee! :)

 MICA Beauty Cosmetics
Loose shimmer eyeshadow

 I got it in the color "Bronze"

I did a swatch, and the little bit that I applied on my hand,
produced a lot of the product! I guess thats the good thing about 
loose shimmer shadows, which I am not much of a big fan of
since it can get really messy! LOL but I def love the color, 
and will for sure be using this product! :)

 Here is an overall look of what was in my Ipsy glam bag!

Out of all the products from the Ipsy glam bag I was excited to be trying out all the products, but you probably know what my favorite is in this bag! The Michael Todd scrub!  I am really excited that I got one of these! I am not disappointed in the bag at all.  
This is my second time receiving the glam bag, and they have not failed me yet! I love getting different makeup products to test and try out!  

If I had to choose between which bag I preferred the most, I would definitely have to go with the Ipsy glam bag!  Although I liked this months Birchbox, I could just see myself getting more use out of the things I received in my glam bag!  I do prefer the lipstick shade I got in my birchbox over the Urban Decay lipstick, since I can see myself wearing that more!  But for $10 each, I am satisfied with what I got in both of them! :)

If you are interested in watching my unboxing on youtube I will post the link below! :)

Alright gorrggggiesss, until next time!