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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Iziwig Hair Extension Review!

Helloo gorrgggiess!! 
I have a hair extension review that I wanted to quickly share.  I was given the opportunity to give a brand called Iziwig a try. I wanted something that would go well with my red hair since I didn't want anything that would clash with it.  I went with a 6 pack hair extension highlights and the shade that I got them in was in platinum blonde! I got them in the mail and tested them out a few times before giving my final opinion about them. I absolutely loved how they looked in my hair and I did more of a peek a boo highlight look, which was the perfect touch for my hair!  I was able to curl them with my Nume hair curler, which if you know their brand, their curling wands/straighteners get HOT!! I didn't have any problems what so ever with the curling wand frying the hair at all.  I also trimmed the length of the extension a little bit so it flowed easier with my natural hair length. I highly recommend this brand and the extensions are 100% Remy human hair!  I like that they are reasonably priced as well! I have purchased other brands in the past that do the same thing as these extensions but are double the price!  Not only do they sell extensions, they sell wigs and other types of extension packs too!  Check them out! They are worth the investment if you decide to try them out!

I have a couple discount codes if you are interested in checking out their site and purchasing.  I get nothing out of it, I love saving a little cash here and there and thought I would share with you awesome readers! :) I will also link below the specific hair extensions I got, Iziwig website and my youtube video of the FULL on review/ mini demo on these hair extensions! 

Can't forget the discount codes!!
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  2. That hair extension does look great on your hair, despite the contradicting colors that are present. There are a lot of reviews out on the web that tells us otherwise about hair extension brands, which is why personal reviews on blogs, such as yours, are very helpful. After all, nothing beats personal experience. Anyway, thanks for sharing that! Stay beautiful!

    Delia Jensen @ BestVirginRemyHair

  3. Wow, I really like how that turned out. The highlight effect accentuates your hair. It’s great that you are quite satisfied with this brand. Are you still using it up until now? Anyway, thanks for sharing this review with us. All the best!

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company Inc.

  4. I love it! Your hair is stunning! The highlights really made them outstanding. The combination of colors really compliment each other. You really did a great job in choosing them. In any way, thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous!

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

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