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Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Maintain BURGUNDY Hair!!

Hellloo Goorgggiess!! 

Burgundy hair has become one of the biggest hair trends this Fall.  Pretty much anywhere you look, you are bound to see a girl with burgundy color hair! There is nothing wrong with that!! I myself love the hair color! The only down side of any type of red shade.. Is it fades the fastest out of all hair dyes.  But of course if you are dedicated in the keep up then it will all work out just fine! 

I myself had to find ways to make the hair color last and it isn't easy, but well worth it! I will tell you some of the tips and tricks I do to keep my hair color as vibrant and possible!


I use the Quantum Brand Shampoo and Conditioner and its in Riveting Reds! I use a bout a quarter size of each.  
The first thing I want to note is I wash my hair in cold water. Well it isn't waaaay cold but I get it cold enough to where there is no warmth in the water.  Colder water helps keep the color from bleeding out when washing your hair.  Keep that in mind!! 
After I rinse my hair I put the shampoo in and lather it in, then I wait a couple minutes.  If I have gone close to a week without washing my hair I will rinse my hair and then add another quarter size amount of shampoo in it. (Just to make sure it's clean) 
Once the shampoo has been sitting there for another couple minutes, I will add in the conditioner, (WITHOUT washing the shampoo out.) I don't wash the shampoo out and just add the conditioner.  I don't rinse the shampoo out this time because it cuts back time and I just hate rinsing my hair out since that jeopardizes the hair color. After I leave the conditioner in for a couple minutes, than I will rinse my whole head.


After I am done washing it, I brush it out and I put a leave in conditioner spray that protects from UV Rays from the brand No. 4
As for hair oils, I switch up between Nume Argan oil to Suave Professionals Moroccan oil. I only run the oils into the tips of my hair,  just to put some moisture and hydration back into my hair.


Dry shampoo is going to be your best friend if you have red hair.  It just helps you lock any oils from your roots so your hair doesn't get too greasy and usually you can go another day or two without washing it! I love dry shampoo not only for this reason but I use it to help give my hair volume and it helps holding a curl soo much better since curls tend to just fall out with my hair.


You may think this is a bit weird and wondering why I am telling you how I style my hair, but it's the truth… My hair styles have helped my maintain my hair color!  Only because it helps me from having to wash it.  Since I have had this color hair I have tried everything in my power to not wash it if I didn't need to! I usually wash my hair once maybe twice a week! And that has helped my hair tremendously!! and with the different hair styles I wear, it helps me in the long run cus it doesn't make me have to wash it right away!
1-2 Day: Usually the first and second day I leave my hair down and straight. (My hair is naturally straight) I don't put any products in my hair just let it do its own thing and be able to breath for those couple days. 
3-4 Day: This is when I typically put the dry shampoo in my hair. Since the dry shampoo is in my hair it helps with my curls so I will end up curling my hair and wearing it down. 
5-7 Day: This is where I wear my hair up in a messy bun for the most part. My hair is too the point where its not going to look good down and its time to just wear it up. Which I do like doing. (I love changing up my hair styles) I can go Day 5 and 6 with it up.. and usually 7 but sometimes on the 7th day I end up washing it. 

There you have it!! That is how I maintain my hair to keep it this color! If you are interested in watching the actual video on how I maintain I will link it below! :)

Later gorrgggiess!!


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