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Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Birchbox & Ipsy Unboxings!

Helloooo gorrgggiess!!

I have finally found the time to post on my blog about these two unboxings.  I was thinking about not doing the blog post, but I feel as if it wouldn't be fair and I just needed to share through my blog as well!! It's not the usual unboxing blog post but atleast it is up!  I will not have any pictures of the products individually but I am going to post the videos, since it will be quicker to do and a lot easier to deal with since I am already late in the game! 

I have been running behind on a few things because I had a friend and her son come out to visit my family and I.  So of course I wanted to make her stay worthwhile, and just had to spread my time thin. I didn't even make my last halloween tutorial since it was just waaaay to late. But it's ok!  There is always next year!!  Now that my girlfriend and her son left, I am able to get back on track and try to do some catching up on my blog of course.  Which is much needed!! Thats for sure!  

I was super excited to get both my Ipsy and Birchbox for the month of October.  I love getting them every month but still.. LOLOL. I have to say it was hard to choose which beauty subscription I preferred this month. But if you are interested in knowing...Than you must watch the vids!!  :)

I did the videos separately since I got my Birchbox first, and I didn't want to wait for my Ipsy.  Which I might as well should have waited because I got it in the mail a lot sooner than I thought!

Laterrr gorrggggiesss!!!


  1. Lovely Post!! I really want to buy them now :3 Just followed you :D please follow back if you have time <3