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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shotgun Wound | Dead Girl | Halloween Tutorial!

Helloooo gooorggggies!! 

So it is already November, and I am still posting Halloween tutorials. This might be a bit much, but I wanted to squeeze this into my blog before I moved on from Halloween.  Only because it ended as fast as it came, and of course this can be a tutorial for next year if you decide to do it!  So you will be ready for next Halloween instead of picking and choosing and having to do some last minute preparations! Or am I the only one that does this? HAHA. 

This Halloween tutorial is based on a dead girl look, that got shot in the face... That is exactly why the character is missing her other eye.  I love doing gory tutorials.  I like the creepy aspect of it all.  I mean c'mon?! Isn't that what the holiday is all about??? 

Until next year's Halloween tutorials I am leaving you with this video to get this look!
I hope you enjoy!!!

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