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Thursday, November 7, 2013

October FAVES!! | 2013

Helloooo gorrgggiess!!
I am sharing my October Favorites with you today!! I didn't really have much favorites since I was busy trying to get Halloween tutorials up and on the channel.  So when it came to makeup and beauty products I didn't really get to try new things out.  But I do have a few things that I didn't go without this month!! Care to see what they are?! :)

The first thing I needed to share is this awesome skeleton hand ring! I was loving it this month!! How cute and appropriate is it for this month! I got it at the Spirits Halloween Store!

 If you haven't noticed already, I kind of have an obsession over skeletons, skulls, etc. What better thing to add to my collection then these two badass skeleton hang hair clips to pull your hair back! I have been eyeing hair clips like these for a while and finally bought some for myself!!

 I also had to get one in white with red blood splatters on it! This one shows well in my hair! Love it! I usually wear them to pin my hair back out of my face, or if I am wearing a messy bun I will clip the hand on the bun. :) Love love love! I will also be wearing this all year around lol. Not just for the Halloween season.

 How adorable is this Hello kitty phone case!!! I love it! I bought it at Forever 21! It is super durable and thick, I just feel like my phone is nice and safe in it.  Since I do have a 20 month old, she loves to take my phone and throw it.. So this definitely helps my phone! Haha!

 I bought this generic brand Equate Beauty Astringent.  It is to be compared to the SeaBreeze brand Astringent (which I have also tried in the past) And this has been an amazing product! I can feel it working on my skin and it cleans the rest of the dirt out of my pores after I have already removed the makeup and washed my face! Not to mention, I have noticed that the little blemishes I have here and there have disappeared now that I have been using this product!

 I used these exfoliating cotton rounds from the brand Swisspers to clean my face.  I love the fact that there is exfoliating beads on the cotton pads!!

 Closer shot of the exfoliating beads!

 This has been a favorite pressed powder in the passed, and I have recently rediscovered it! It is the Rimmel Stay Matte press powder and it does it job! I have hit pan on this product! That should show you how amazing this product is! I love it! :)

 I have noticed I used the Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder a lot this month! I didn't think I was going to like it at first since I did do a first impression of it (which is on my channel) But now that the weather has cooled down and I have used a face primer, setting powder and setting spray. I have found that I absolutely LOVE this product! I have played with it a lot this month and it has been a staple this month!  I have found myself grabbing this foundation a lot lately. If you are looking for a light coverage foundation, I suggest give this a try!!

 Okay, so this is pretty much a crappy still, but the camera wouldn't focus on the brush. This eyebrow brush has been a favorite since I got it! I got it from the website Hautelook, and featured it in the Hautelook Haul I recently did and have loved it since I got it!! I got it for a great deal! It is a Crown Brush, and it came in a set of 12 other brushes! I was amazed at how an eyebrow brush works so amazingly and different from other brow brushes I have tried in the past! I will not go back to any other eye brow brush, as long as I have this one!!

 I have been loving this Essence cover stick lately! I use this concealer mainly to clean up my eyebrows! The consistency of the concealer is perfect for this! 

 I love using eyeshadow primers before I apply eyeshadows.  I can't go without it. I have had this primer for a while now, but recently started using it and have been loving it! It keeps the shadows extremely vibrant and long lasting on the eyes! I suggest this if you are looking for a eye shadow primer!! You can find this on the bhcosmetics website!!

 I am sure everyone and their mom has this palette, but I just had to include the palette in my favorites this month since I just recently got it about a month and a half ago or so and was able to play with it a bit! I love Urband Decay shadows and I absolutely love my Naked palette so I knew Naked 2 was going to be in the same category!

 I got this Chapstick brand Chapstick in my Birchbox for the month of October and been using it since I got it! The product has kept my lips moisturized and it has been great as a lip base for lipsticks!

 I have got to mention this lip product, it is from the medicated line and it is Maybelline Babylips Dr Rescue.  It is a medicated formula in it which helps dried, cracked lips! My lips have been chapped and this has been one of my go to! Not to mention I got this in the Plum color so it has been a perfect Fall lippie!

 I have also been using the NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair when I have been leaning towards more of a gloss type finish! This is the perfect baby lip color!

 I had to include these Jordanna Lipstains as my favorites this month! They have been perfect Fall lip pies as well! You would think since they are stains the would leave your lips dry, but surprisingly it doesn't.  They actually leave my lips moisturized once it's applied. Out of the two, if I had to choose a fave I would have to go with Terra Crave. I noticed that I have been using this lip stain more then the other which is honey love. But I still love both colors!!

 And as my last favorite, it is a body mist.  This is a Victoria Secret body mist in the Dream Angels line called "Glow" I love the scent and it has been my go to this month. 

Well that concludes my favorites for the month! If you want to see the video I will link the video below for you to check out of course! 

Later Gorrrgggiess!!


  1. Love your October favourites!
    and I love the hello kitty phone case :)