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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer time POP of color!

The summer time is all about a pop of color! I have been obsessing over this trend wether the pop of color be on your eyes, lips, or even on your outfit!  It is something that can pull your whole look together!  I have been loving the pop of color trend on my eyes especially!! I always look for different ways to express that pop of color when it comes to make up!  If you are looking for any ideas I have a few that I want to share and I have a tutorial from my channel on one of the looks that I will link below, of course!
A really big summer make up trend is to keep the eyes neutral and have that pop of color on your lips! I love this trend but I also like to think out side the box as well! I have incorporated this lip trend on myself, and wanted to show you what I have done to create it!  The picture to the left is a look I did with neutral eyes and the pop on my lips.  I have noticed that I have been leaning towards purple shades often, especially on my lips! I absolutely love this color on my lips.  This is a Milani lipstick and the shade is in Violet Volt.  It also reminds me of the color of the year, "Radiant Orchid" but I seriously can not get over this shade! 
Again, with the purples but now moving on to the pop of color on the eyes!  I did a few different placements on the eyes but still the same concept.  In the beginning of the spring time I was loving and still love the pop of color in my inner corners.  I usually do the neutral tone shades on the rest of my eyes and just leave the pop for my inner corners and trust me these pictures DON'T do justice!  I love purples on my eyes but I absolutely am obsessed with this eye look!  For this pop of purple I got the shade from the BH Cosmetics It's Judy Time palette! 

This next look is the most recent one I created. I actually did this earlier today!  I kept the eyes neutral and at the last minute decided to use the green liquid eyeliner that I got in my Ipsy glam bag this month.  This is a Nicka K liquid liner and the shade that it is in is "Green" I applied it on my lower lash line and brought it all the way up to my cat wing!  Again these pictures do not do justice!  These were the couple shots that actually made the eye look decent and I had to share! It was definitely simple to do yet it looks like I put a lot of work into creating the look.  I have a couple other colored eyeliners that I want to use and I may just create a video tutorial on how I achieve that look! :)

Last but not least,  I did this neon yellow/green shadow on the middle of my lids and lower lash line and kept it yet again neutral on the rest of the eyes.  I got this neon yellow/green from the Urban Decay Electric palette! Honestly, that palette is so bomb and has so many bright shadows included in it!  If you are looking for bright eyeshadows that are extremely pigmented than this is the only palette you will need!  If you are interested in recreating this look I actually have it on my YouTube Channel and can link that right here for you!

Click HERE for the tutorial on this Neon Yellow pop!

The trick to pull of any pops of color is to make sure to go with one bright color and to neutralize the look by wearing browns and tans to even out the pop of color.  If you go too drastic and have 2 or even 3 bright colors on the lid it may not be as wearable for just an every day look.  I am not saying that it isn't at all wearable, a lot of girls are able to pull off that look but if you are not use to wearing bright shadows on your eyes than mixing neutral shades with the pop of color will definitely help when incorporating this summer look as an everyday eye look.

I hope you enjoyed this read on different pops of color that I have created on myself and hope to encourage you to try these looks out as well!! I love trying new things when it comes to make up, I mean that is what it's all about right!? ;)

Later gorrggiess!!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Birchbox VS Ipsy June 2014

Helloo goorggggiess!!

I wanted to share with you a quick post about June's Birchbox and Ipsy.  I finally was able to get my hands into these monthly subscriptions and do an unboxing. (Which I will have the video link down below if you want to check out everything I got!) 

Honestly, I was excited about 2 products in each subscription and the rest I could either do without or didn't really HAVE TO HAVE type thing.  But that won't stop me from using those products!

Starting off with the Birchbox, I won't go into detail with everything that I got. But I will definitely let you know that I was pretty excited about the LAQA & Co. lip lube that was sent to me. YES, it is called Lip Lube. It does have an interesting name, am I right?! HAHA. I got it in a purple shade which I was super excited about since I have been leaning towards those shades this Spring/Summer.  I was also surprised with what they had for their Birchbox exclusive, which was a Cynthia Rowley eyeliner in a silver. I swatched the liner in the video and was impressed with the quality of the liner and I could see myself using the liner for multiple uses!

As for the Ipsy, I loved the Nicka K liquid eyeliner that they sent me. It was in the shade "Green".  It had more of an emerald tone to it, which I absolutely loved! It is perfect for that pop of color you may want during the Summer! I did receive a lip product in my Ipsy glam bag as well.  I was excited about it, it was a Nyx Butter Gloss! The shade that I got the butter gloss in was "Apple Strudel" and it is seriously the perfect shade to wear during the Summer!

Can you tell I am still super excited that Summer is here?! :) Not only for the warm weather, soaking up the sun, and being poolside but I am going to pop pretty soon!! I am due in the middle of July, but I have a feeling my son will make an entrance before then! I guess we will see!!

Back to the subscriptions! Over all, I was pleased with both, Birchbox and Ipsy where I really couldn't choose which one I preferred over the other this month.  I was equally excited about the products that I got this month in each subscription so who says it can't be a tie, right! 

Laterr gorgggiess!! <3

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Neutral everyday eye look Using Sonia Kashuk's Eye on Neutral Matte/Shimmer Palette!

Hellooo gorrgggiess!! 

I have had many request to do a neutral everyday eye look and I decided to use the Sonia Kashuk's Eye on Neutral Matte/Shimmer Palette! I know what you're thinking though, you are probably like where can I get this palette because it is limited edition. :( Good thing about neutral palettes is you can either incorporate your own shades to customize the look to your eyes and just follow the steps I have shown you, OR you can find similar shades as the ones I have shown you in just about any neutral palette! :) But I am super excited to show you this look, this is one of my go to looks when I don't really know what to do with my eyes but I still want to make a statement. I go into much detail about this look in the video so be sure to check out the link below!! :)

 Complete look! :)

Later gorrgggies!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Free Julep box!

Hellooo gorrgggiess!!

So sometime last week I was given a link from a friend to sign up for a free Julep box! Since I am semi addicted to monthly subscriptions and figured it's FREE, why not!?  I ended up filling out my information and took a quiz so they can send me nail polishes that would suit me!  I got the Maven box and the original price for the box I got was $24.99.  I ended up getting that marked off since I got the box for free but had to pay $2.99 for shipping and handling.  I was pretty excited because I have a ridiculous collection of nail polishes so of course I don't mind adding more to it. 

The box ended up shipping super fast. I got the box a couple days ago and I ordered it not even a week after receiving it!  Everything was nicely packaged.  I didn't know much of what to expect when it came to getting this Julep box since I have never ordered it before and only know of a few people that have the subscription.  All I knew about Julep was it is more of a nail polish subscription.  I got three nail polishes and a couple nail buffer pads.

Here are the three colors that I got!  The beauty quiz that I ended up taking was pretty dead on about what shades I like. I absolutely love all three of the polishes. I am pretty sure I may have extremely similar shades of all three but I'm not complaining! The more the merrier! 

The orange-coral one is called Princess Grace
The mint green one is called Kam
The lavender one is called Margaret
(The are gorgeous right!?)

To keep or not to keep the subscription is the next question.  I have two other subscriptions (Birchbox & Ipsy) and I have been with these two for a year. They are $10 a piece & free shipping!  Julep subscription cost more than the amount of the Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions put together. $25 a month for three polishes, I don't know if I am down to spend that much on nail polishes every month.  I like nail polishes and I do have a pretty decent collection but I  can't see myself spending that much money on nail polishes alone.  I am more of a make up junkie when it comes to beauty products and I love that I get 4-5 products (each) in my other two subscriptions as well as a nail polish every now and then.  I know there are some nail junkies out there and if that person is you, girllll, this Julep subscription would seriously be perfect for you! :)

Now that I have shared my first experience with Julep, I'm not saying I will pass up Julep completely.  If a good deal on the subscription happens I may just jump on it! I love that Christmas feeling every month a subscription comes in the mail. 

Well ladies I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are deciding wether or not to sign up with this subscription I highly suggest getting the first box free and see if this is something for you!  
Here is my link if you want to try it out! :)

Laterrrr gorrrgggiess!! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

UPDATE! Where did time go!?! Beauty vids, Life, Pregnancy!

Hellooo goorgggiess!

I feel like I have neglected my blog for a hot minute. It's probably because I have! haha. I just looked to see when my previous post was and it was all the way back in November! The 18th to be exact! A lot has been going on since.  Holidays, birthdays, and other special events have passed since my last post. I don't believe I mentioned I was pregnant in my last post. (I found out I was pregnant I want to say November 15!) But YES I am currently pregnant. 34 weeks today to be exact!!! 

Since I found out I was pregnant, I have also been keeping a pregnancy vlog update on my youtube channel! I can post all those links if you are interested in watching them! Now to think of it, I am just about ready to pop any time soon! I am due July 18th. Which seems a bit crazy to me. Time seriously snuck up on me! This pregnancy went by so fast and I seriously can't believe I am going to have my son here soon! Which in that case, now you know I am having a boy! :) I am thrilled that I can experience having my little girl that can enjoy shopping dates with me and have a little boy that I can get dirty and build legos with. 

(My most recent belly pic, 33 week thumbnail on my channel) :)

First Prenatal Appointment!

15 Week Update!

Gender Reveal!

23 Week Update!

28 Week Update|Leg Cramps!

33 Week Update|Baby is Head down!

Now that you have gotten to know a little about my personal life, lets move on to the make up and beauty aspect of my blog!  I wanted to mention that even though I haven't been updating my blog, that doesn't mean I haven't been consistent on my channel. :) I upload frequently, (at least once a week, if not more!) I feel as if that is my main beauty source where I can express myself but I like to blog as well!! Speaking of which, I wanted to change up my blog a bit as well. I still want to post my latest videos on my blog but I also want to incorporate other beauty related things on my blog that aren't on my YouTube channel so it's not like you are going to my blog for a whole repeat of what you might have just watched on my channel or vice versa. You get what I'm saying?  I'm not go into too much detail on my blog about my beauty vids but will definitely keep you updated on what videos are out!  I want to start posting mini shopping hauls, ootd, make up looks, swatches, and mini reviews etc. of things that I haven't made videos on just so you can get more bang for your beauty. Sounds legit? :) Speaking of all this has got me super excited!  I'm ready to get back into blogging!

(Smokey make up look I recently did) :)

Now that I am getting back on my blogging grind, be sure to stay connected! I also have other social media links that we can keep in touch on because I love keeping in touch more ways than one! Until next time ladies!!! 

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