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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer time POP of color!

The summer time is all about a pop of color! I have been obsessing over this trend wether the pop of color be on your eyes, lips, or even on your outfit!  It is something that can pull your whole look together!  I have been loving the pop of color trend on my eyes especially!! I always look for different ways to express that pop of color when it comes to make up!  If you are looking for any ideas I have a few that I want to share and I have a tutorial from my channel on one of the looks that I will link below, of course!
A really big summer make up trend is to keep the eyes neutral and have that pop of color on your lips! I love this trend but I also like to think out side the box as well! I have incorporated this lip trend on myself, and wanted to show you what I have done to create it!  The picture to the left is a look I did with neutral eyes and the pop on my lips.  I have noticed that I have been leaning towards purple shades often, especially on my lips! I absolutely love this color on my lips.  This is a Milani lipstick and the shade is in Violet Volt.  It also reminds me of the color of the year, "Radiant Orchid" but I seriously can not get over this shade! 
Again, with the purples but now moving on to the pop of color on the eyes!  I did a few different placements on the eyes but still the same concept.  In the beginning of the spring time I was loving and still love the pop of color in my inner corners.  I usually do the neutral tone shades on the rest of my eyes and just leave the pop for my inner corners and trust me these pictures DON'T do justice!  I love purples on my eyes but I absolutely am obsessed with this eye look!  For this pop of purple I got the shade from the BH Cosmetics It's Judy Time palette! 

This next look is the most recent one I created. I actually did this earlier today!  I kept the eyes neutral and at the last minute decided to use the green liquid eyeliner that I got in my Ipsy glam bag this month.  This is a Nicka K liquid liner and the shade that it is in is "Green" I applied it on my lower lash line and brought it all the way up to my cat wing!  Again these pictures do not do justice!  These were the couple shots that actually made the eye look decent and I had to share! It was definitely simple to do yet it looks like I put a lot of work into creating the look.  I have a couple other colored eyeliners that I want to use and I may just create a video tutorial on how I achieve that look! :)

Last but not least,  I did this neon yellow/green shadow on the middle of my lids and lower lash line and kept it yet again neutral on the rest of the eyes.  I got this neon yellow/green from the Urban Decay Electric palette! Honestly, that palette is so bomb and has so many bright shadows included in it!  If you are looking for bright eyeshadows that are extremely pigmented than this is the only palette you will need!  If you are interested in recreating this look I actually have it on my YouTube Channel and can link that right here for you!

Click HERE for the tutorial on this Neon Yellow pop!

The trick to pull of any pops of color is to make sure to go with one bright color and to neutralize the look by wearing browns and tans to even out the pop of color.  If you go too drastic and have 2 or even 3 bright colors on the lid it may not be as wearable for just an every day look.  I am not saying that it isn't at all wearable, a lot of girls are able to pull off that look but if you are not use to wearing bright shadows on your eyes than mixing neutral shades with the pop of color will definitely help when incorporating this summer look as an everyday eye look.

I hope you enjoyed this read on different pops of color that I have created on myself and hope to encourage you to try these looks out as well!! I love trying new things when it comes to make up, I mean that is what it's all about right!? ;)

Later gorrggiess!!

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