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Monday, June 9, 2014

Free Julep box!

Hellooo gorrgggiess!!

So sometime last week I was given a link from a friend to sign up for a free Julep box! Since I am semi addicted to monthly subscriptions and figured it's FREE, why not!?  I ended up filling out my information and took a quiz so they can send me nail polishes that would suit me!  I got the Maven box and the original price for the box I got was $24.99.  I ended up getting that marked off since I got the box for free but had to pay $2.99 for shipping and handling.  I was pretty excited because I have a ridiculous collection of nail polishes so of course I don't mind adding more to it. 

The box ended up shipping super fast. I got the box a couple days ago and I ordered it not even a week after receiving it!  Everything was nicely packaged.  I didn't know much of what to expect when it came to getting this Julep box since I have never ordered it before and only know of a few people that have the subscription.  All I knew about Julep was it is more of a nail polish subscription.  I got three nail polishes and a couple nail buffer pads.

Here are the three colors that I got!  The beauty quiz that I ended up taking was pretty dead on about what shades I like. I absolutely love all three of the polishes. I am pretty sure I may have extremely similar shades of all three but I'm not complaining! The more the merrier! 

The orange-coral one is called Princess Grace
The mint green one is called Kam
The lavender one is called Margaret
(The are gorgeous right!?)

To keep or not to keep the subscription is the next question.  I have two other subscriptions (Birchbox & Ipsy) and I have been with these two for a year. They are $10 a piece & free shipping!  Julep subscription cost more than the amount of the Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions put together. $25 a month for three polishes, I don't know if I am down to spend that much on nail polishes every month.  I like nail polishes and I do have a pretty decent collection but I  can't see myself spending that much money on nail polishes alone.  I am more of a make up junkie when it comes to beauty products and I love that I get 4-5 products (each) in my other two subscriptions as well as a nail polish every now and then.  I know there are some nail junkies out there and if that person is you, girllll, this Julep subscription would seriously be perfect for you! :)

Now that I have shared my first experience with Julep, I'm not saying I will pass up Julep completely.  If a good deal on the subscription happens I may just jump on it! I love that Christmas feeling every month a subscription comes in the mail. 

Well ladies I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are deciding wether or not to sign up with this subscription I highly suggest getting the first box free and see if this is something for you!  
Here is my link if you want to try it out! :)

Laterrrr gorrrgggiess!! 

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