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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to school Eye look using WET n WILD "Comfort Zone" palette!!

Hellooo Gorrrgggiess!

So as we all know school is nearing, (if it hasn't already started for you) and I remember how anxious I used get about school! What am I going to wear? How am I going to do my hair? What will I do with my makeup? WELL, for make up there is a lot of looks that you can be going for! And I may have the look just for you, if you want to do a neutral eye!  I don't know if you have noticed (via youtube&instagram) BUT I am obsessed with neutral eye makeup colors!  I seriously cannot get over earth tone colors, browns, bronzes, and golds!!! 

In this paticular eye look, anyone can wear it and be able to pull it off.  On top of that I am using drugstore makeup products!  So you know what that means, it's not going to cost a million dollars.  

As we all have been there, high school students, college students and students in general are on a strict budget and times do get tough, but that doesn't mean we can't look good doing it!  If you think it doesn't get any better, oh wait it does! *drum rolllll, please* 

We are SKIPPING the liquid liner step!! Pretty sweet aye? but we still have that liquid liner effect on the eyes, and that includes the winged part as well! :)  Soo, if you're not quite a pro at applying liquid liner but you still want the look without wasting time, these steps are all easy to follow, and doesn't take a million minutes to do! :P  

The eye products that I used to get this look are:
- ELF eyelid primer
- Wet n wild palette IN comfort zone
- Wet n wild eyeshadow stick IN 130
- Maybelline the rocket volume mascara in waterproof
- Jordana best volume extreme volumizing mascara

This is the Wet n Wild palette that you will need to achieve this look!

 Here are the eyeshadows I used, pretty much in that exact order too! :)

 I put this at a base on my lower eye lid before I packed eyeshadow 3 on the lower lid.
This is a Wet n Wild Eyeshadow stick in 130.

Here is a genereal ideal of where all the shadows are suppose to fall. :)

Here are the mascaras that I applied! 
Maybelline The Rocket Volume (in waterproof)
Jordana Best Volume Extreme Volumizing Mascara 
I also put the waterproof mascara on the upper eyelashes, 
and than I applied the Jordana mascara on my top and bottom lashes.

 If you are interested in the products I used on my face, here they are!
I will also list the products below this picture! :D
Make up products used for the FACE:
- ELF Lip Exfoliator
- Revlon Photoready Primer
- Covergirl outlast stay fabulous IN golden tan
- Maybelline instant age rewind concealer IN light medium (not pictured)
- Bare minerals concealer IN well rested
- Covergirl clean IN medium light
- NYC smooth skin bronzing face powder IN sunny
- ELF baked blush IN rich rose
- ELF blush IN candid coral
- ELF golden bronzer IN golden
- Milani liquid eye IN black
- Wet n wild eyebrow pencil IN mink brown
- NYX jumbo eye pencil IN yogurt
- ELF shimmer palette IN sheer surise
- Japanese brand contour/highlight duo

Here are the make up brushes/tools I used to achieve this whole look!!  

My Final LOOK!! 

Alrightttt!! And that is how you get the look!! If you have any questions about the look, check out my youtube channel!! (teaseblendglam) I will also post the link below of the tutorial, just to make it easier for you!!! :) 
Laterrr gorrggggiesss! 
xx <3

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