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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Burgundy Eyes & officially FALL!!

Hellooo goorgggiess!!

Long time no post! I seriously have been soo busy lately! Of course being a mother and wife is my priority, we did a little bit of traveling for Labor Day weekend, and I still have to manage my Youtube Channel, (which I am having a giveaway on skin care products going on right now!) Click HERE to watch it, if you want to enter! I also took up a little hobby of couponing, which I have been doing for about a month now! I am totally addicted by the way! LOL. 

Anyways, the reason for this post is it is officially FALL season!! I have been loving the weather lately, it's seriously the perfect weather! Not to cold, not to hot! With Fall weather comes all the fun Fall scents,  pumpkin spice everything, sweater and scarf weather and my favorite Fall makeup!! 

One of my favorite shades that I like to play on my eyes is burgundy.  I have brown eyes and I feel like the burgundy shade really compliments my eyes and makes them stand out just a little bit since they are so dark. I have incorporated the burgundy shade in my makeup looks lately and have been using them on different areas of my eyes.  I wanted to share this post with you just to give you some make up ideas. :) I also have a burgundy eyeshadow look on my channel that I created last Fall if you are interested in watching that it's right HERE!

The couple make up looks that I have created recently are these pictured below! I have been obsessed with doing a smokey eye as well. I feel like its the perfect time to bring out the smokey look when Fall comes around. So I have also incorporated that in the burgundy eyeshadow looks I have created! 

I mainly applied burgundy eyeshadow on the inner half of my eyelids and also in the crease. :) 

 Here is another picture of the eye look! :)

 For this look I just smoked out my eyelids and applied the burgundy shade in the crease and also used it as a transition as well as applying it on my lower lash line and water line! This is also another favorite! 

I have yet to make a video on these eye looks but will do it very soon!! I am thinking about filming a video on the second look. :) 

Other than just experimenting with make up I have been enjoying time with my precious family and watching my son grow. I can't believe I had him over two months ago!

Well mommy duties call! 
Til next time!

Laterrr gorrgggiess!! <3

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