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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Spring/Summer Wreath!

Hellooo gorrggiess!

This post as you probably have read from the title has nothing to do with a beauty related topic, but I have been meaning to write this post for quite sometime now and wanted to share!  Now I am able to finally sit down and get to it.  Even though Summer is just about over, *sad face* You can still make this wreath and have it ready to put up for next Spring! I love doing DIY wreaths (I did my Fall wreath too!) 

I wanted to make a wreath that I can keep up for both Spring and Summer so I wasn't switching out wreaths in like a couple months. I wanted something that was extremely colorful too! I mean it is only fitting right?  I bought all the things for this wreath at Michaels (craft store) except the actual wreath, I got that at Hobby Lobby.  I usually would have gotten my wreath essentials at Hobby Lobby as well but at the time I bought the wreath I wasn't quite sure what I wanted exactly.  I was still getting my thoughts and ideas together.  The day that I ended up at Michaels I figured why not, I should probably get the ball rolling and get everything I needed for my wreath while I was there. Now that I have given you my full on explanation… LOL  Lets get started!

Here is all the items I got for my wreath! I ended up getting an assortment of flowers to make the bouquet out of. I just went in and grabbed whatever I thought would be pretty. Haha. I bought the wreath of course, which was super inexpensive I think I paid like $3 for it since I had a coupon for it! I also got a wooden letter for the initial in my last name. 

This time around I got a pre tied bow. I made the bow when I made my fall wreath, but I just wanted to get this wreath up and on my door asap since I already had put it up really late into the Spring season. 
Other additional items that I already had and used to make this wreath was a hot glue gun, acrylic paint, and extra ribbon to hang the wreath on the door.

I started by planning how I wanted to set the flowers in the bouquet and  where I wanted to place everything on the wreath. Most the flowers had stems on them so I was able to weave the stems into the wreath so it held onto the wreath a bit better.  Than I hot glued certain areas of the bouquet onto the wreath for an extra hold.  After I was done with that I placed the bow over the stems of the flowers to give it more of that appropriate bouquet look. That little piece of detail really pulls the whole wreath together!

I begin to paint the letter with the acrylic paint and I wasn't so sure what exactly I wanted to do color wise.  I had the bright idea to just mix the green and the orange together and gave it more of a marbled  effect. (I would suggest to do this first, if you plan on painting the letter at all since its going to take some time to dry, which I wish I would have thought of when I started making my wreath).
Once the letter finally dried though I was able to place it on the wreath and I ended up taking some of that extra ribbon I use to hang the wreath up and tied it to the letters to make sure that the letter stays on my wreath. (I did this to the previous wreath I made too!)

After all that was complete, I was ready to hang up my wreath! I was super excited with the out come!! I fell in love with this wreath and it looks great on my door! 
Items you will need:
- Wreath
- Assortment of flowers
- Letter
- Ribbon/bow
- Hot glue gun
- Paint (optional)
- Paint brush (if you decide to paint the letter)

I hope you were able to enjoy this post! I love doing little DIYs around my house! :)

Later gorrgggiess!!
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