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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GRWM Simple make up look!

 Hellooo Gorrggiess!! 

I recently did a get ready with me video on my youtube channel.  I did more of a simple everyday type of look for those who don't put on too much make up, or even those that just want to have a toned down day.  If that is even possible. :P 

Instead of using a liquid foundation I stuck with a BB cream instead.  Even though it gives you a lighter coverage, it still provides your skin with hydration, and a nice glow like appearance. 

I did set the BB cream with a little bit of a powder foundation, but I feel like I have super oily skin during the summer (as do most) so setting that a bit just makes me feel better, and I'm not going to lie, it's kind of an addiction. 

I kept it light on the contouring and blush as well.  Even though I love a mean contour, it just wouldn't suit the look if I went all out with contouring and left everything simple.  Sometimes it just needs to be that way. 

As for the eyes, I kept my eyelids a lighter color, and deepened my crease just a tad with a little definition, but kept my eyes more on the natural side.  Even though I didn't do much to my eyes, I was still able to make them look awake and brightened.

I love the simplicity of this make up look.  This look can seriously be worn for any occasion, any time of the day, and it also lets more of your natural beauty do the work. :) 

Another great thing about this look is it doesn't need much, and I'm sure you can recreate this look with whatever you have in your make up bag.

Later gorrgggiess! 

If you are interested in seeing this get ready with me, I will link the video below!!

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